We are very proud to announce that The Spotted Hog Candle Company has been chosen as one of the best candle companies in multiple categories by renowned editor and reviewer of Candlefind.com, Christina.
We have enjoyed her reviews of our candles in the past and we are honored to be listed on Candlefind “Editor’s picks” page on Candlefind.com.
We are listed in the following categories.
*Best Highly Scented Candle Company
*Favorite Paraffin Companies
*Favorite company for melts
*Best Scent Selection
*Lowest Prices
*Best Scents & Company ~ Best Strawberry Lemonade EVER
*Best Scents & Company ~ Divinity Fudge
*Best Scents & Company ~ Mulberry
*Best Scents & Company ~ Sinfully Vanilla

We are proud to also announce that Spotted Hog also made Julia and Dawn's Picks for Best Scented Candles list at Candlefind.com.

Julia has us listed under...

*Favorite Paraffin Companies
*Best Website Experience
*Scents I would save if the house were on fire ~ Orange Chiffon Cake

Dawn has us listed under....

*Best Scent Selection
*Scents I Can't Live Without~ Sinfully Vanilla

Spotted Hog Candle Reviews

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"I feel like I’ve just won the lottery and have to share my winnings! What more can I say? I’m in love… total utter, blissful love! You have got to try some!! "
- Christina

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Delwyn G ~Australia :

Hello from Australia! To be honest I have tried candles far and wide and always on the outlook for the best scent throw with yummy bakery type smells. I have had varying degrees of success and had my favourite brands, most of which are made and sold in Australia. I stumbled across The Spotted Hog on the internet while in the US looking at candle reviews. The Spotted Hog came out tops in lots of areas so I placed an order. I live in Australia so the postage costs were high to send them out to me, and it took a while for USPS and Australia post to get them here, but I am just so delighted with my candles that the postage costs and the wait was way worth it. I bought 8 candles, mostly bakery lines and currently I have the 'Buttered oats and maple honey' burning upstairs in my hallway. I can smell the scent all the way downstairs, which is just lovely. The candles burn cleanly - no black curls of smoke and no black stains on the glass of the candle either. I am wrapped. I am definitely a customer for life and will work my way through the various scent offerings over time. Thank you for making candles with such care and with such commitment to quality. Thank you also for the lovely little throw in trial pieces. I will definitely be placing an order for one of them in the next little while. Best wishes, Del

Amber F Adrian, MI :

Please pass this praise on to whoever made the lovely candles I ordered on April 4th. I would love to be added to your testimonials page. :)
I placed my first order at the beginning of April to make a Mother's Day gift basket for my mom. I also ordered a handful of tarts for myself, and I have to say I am blown away by the throw of these fragrances. The Strawberry Lemonade fragrance is absolutely mouthwatering. I switched to 100% soy candles about a year ago and I have tried many brands, including but not limited to Pure I******, Swan C**** Candles, S**** and S*****, and D**** Soy. Your tarts have the strongest, longest scent throw I have ever experienced. I have a 4200 sq ft house, and I usually have to put tart warmers in three areas to achieve a noticeable uniform fragrance. Let me tell you, I put one of your 2 oz tarts in the electric tart warmer in my kitchen, and an hour later I could even smell it in the laundry room in the basement. I can't tell you how impressed I am by your tarts. I just ordered several packs of clamshell soy tarts today so I could try your other fragrances. I won't waste my money on the other soy candles out there anymore. Thanks for such an impressive product.
Amber Frisch
Adrian, MI

Patricia C Bronx, NY :

Omg, soo happy with my order!! not ordering any candles from anywhere else. The box fit perfectly in my mailbox and before I even opened it, I could smell the tarts. Soo delicious, cake batter just makes me wanna eat it!! Even my super came to my door and asked "what's that smell? yummy! lol. I went out in the hallway and sure enough, anyone passing by could smell the yumminess, scent is that strong. The freebies? awesome. customer for life. Gotta get more!! Customer Service rocks, Thanks Tarrah!

Mary C. Massachusetts :

Hi Tarrah!
Just wanted to say thanks for the free samples you included with my order! LOVED them! And also thanks for the email about upgrading my candle size! I love all the scents. The clamshell packs are fantastic! I can't believe how strong 1 little square is, it scented up the entire apartment! I will be back for more as soon as i run out:) Thank you for fantastic products!
Sincerley, Mary C, Massachusetts

Jeff M. Millville, NJ :

Dear Tarrah:
Today I received my first order from The Spotted Hog Candle Co. WOW!! These are without question the BEST candles I have ever burned — bar none!! Full wax pool within 2 hours, INCREDIBLY STRONG throw, sturdy, straight wicks, beautiful flames, even burning and no discernible soot!! I tried Lollipops first in the family room and within 30 minutes, the rest of my home was filled with this wonderful scent. Next I tried ONE cube from the clamshell tarts in Birthday Cake. OUTSTANDING!! Who would have thought one little piece of wax could be so strong?!! I also appreciate the attention to detail provided when placing my order and thank you for the extra goodies in the box — nice touch! You’ve got a new customer for life.
Feel free to add this to any promotional materials as you see fit.
Jeff M.
Millville, NJ
Bear, DE

Susan P. Janesville, WI :

Best candle company out there!
And I have tried about 16 of them too!
I ordered a few weeks ago, orange chiffon. Fantastic. You included a sample of a tart that was Honey Graham Cracker Supreme. Well by doing that, you prompted me to place an order just now for 4 of your 16 ounce soy candles! So great move on your part to throw in a sample. Hands down, best in the business! Susan.

Jill M, Bear, DE :

Tarrah, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for my recent candle order and let you know how happy I am with it. I received it much quicker than I'd expected. I've been using your candles and melts for a while now and just wanted to let you know that I really like them. The scents make my house smell so homey and wonderful. And I appreciate their clean burn. (I used to use Yankee candles until I washed my walls one day and noticed the black wash water.) I love the little samples you throw in too. And the names...."Silence of the Yams" cracked me up! My only problem is trying to decide which scent to try first!!
Anyway, thanks for running a company with whom it is a pleasure to do business.
Wishing you success for many years to come,
Jill M. Bear, DE

Diane L, CT. :

I cannot tell you in the past few weeks how many compliments I have received on my house smelling so good. I am sure you have had other people tell you this also. Your products were always great but now they even seem better. Everything I order is so beautiful and powerful. I know your candles, tarts, etc... are the best around.

Marlene,Wingdale,NY. :

Just a note to say what a nice call I got from my daughter Ali thanking me for the box that I ordered for her the Fall Harvest Tart Pack & Sweet Home Tart Pack .She said the package was wrapped so pretty that she has it sitting on the counter ,so last night she used the 5 cent melt offer caramel cinnamon latte & when her boyfriend came home he said what smell so good ,she had the melt mug(got that for her a few years ago) off for a few hours but you could still smell it & when he saw what was sitting on the counter he said wow your mother ordered us more as they just LOVE LOVE LOVE your melts.She is a college student money is tight for them so I try to send them what they like & Spotted Hog is always mentioned by them. I for Mother's Day 09, was sent your white melting pot and a supply of tarts from Ali and am in love with them as I have pets like my daughter & we love candles but was always doubtful about leaving them on with the pets.
Thank You For A Great Product
Marlene P.
Wingdale NY

Denise,Upland, CA. :

I received my last order from you right before going on vacation. Now that I am back I have begun melting the scents I ordered. Blueberry Flapjacks is fantastic! I am melting it right now! I have been searching for the perfect blueberry bakery scent and this is it! I will certainly add it to my reorder list. Since I am a member of the candlefind forum I'm quite frequently tooting your horn and today is no exception. Thank you Tarrah for products that make me want to come back for more!
Have a great day! Denise T.

Autumn, San Diego, Ca. :

Tarrah I am so happy to have just received my purchase :) Thank you so much for the samples as well! I just lit my Cinnamon Banana Fritters and the house already smells delish! Love it all and I will be back soon!
Thank you so much!
Autumn- San Diego, Ca.

Barbara,Winston-Salem, NC :

I just received my very first order from you, and this will not be my last one. As soon as I opened the box, the different scents just poured into the air!!! Your candles and the different scents are just wonderful!!! Thank you for the free samples!! I will highly recommend you to my friends!!

From Myriam. in the Netherlands:

Just received my order a few days ago and I'm more than impressed by the scents I picked (and not to forget the extra's!!!!). The scents are great, especially Pixie Dust and Blueberry Java Crumble. I'm so glad I picked those 2 :)). This is a highly recommended company where when you have a question it's within 24 hours answered and if you need help the people at Spotted Hog help you (even if you're an international customer) I'm certainly going to buy again!!
Myriam (the Netherlands)

From Noel D. in Sunbury, PA:

Hi, I just wanted to let you know these are the best candles, I have ever seen and smelled!!!!! I can't say enough about them or stop raving about them to people. The Frosted Orange Cupcake is amazing! I was afraid that maybe it would be too sweet like other some companies bakery scent, but that isn't the case, they are so well balanced. I also love, love, love the tarts. I have never had tarts that last so long, or put out such a throw. In fact, as soon as I got the package I opened it and smelled all of them. I chose to light the Lemon Creme Donut, that was actually a free sample, and within 10 minutes the whole downstairs smelled. My neighbor happened to come over to the open window to say hi and asked if I was baking a lemon creme pie or something. I said oh no it was a tart. Then my father came home and we were going out and he actually walked over to make sure the oven was off, he also thought I was baking something. I thought it was so funny, that has never happened with any other candle or tarts I have used.

I told my cousin about them and in fact she couldn't wait to get onto the site and she placed an order. Unfortunately she didn't realize there was a refer a friend program, but that fine, I am just happy that she is discovering the wonder that is your candles!!!!! She said she can't hardly wait to get them. So thanks so much for making the most wonderful candle and tart products I have ever seen. Now I just need an excuse to buy myself more candles. I will be back, you can count on that. In fact everyone I know will be getting candles for Christmas.
Thanks so much!
Noel D

From Jyoti:

Hi Tarrah,
Just chiming in to say hello to you.
My folks visited me from India recently. They really enjoyed the aroma of the SpottedHog tarts. My mother always said that my home has a distinct scent which is inviting and homey . I owe this complement to you! Thank you so much for the wonderful tarts and candles. I enjoy them everyday!
Best wishes,
- Jyoti

From Kathryn G in New Bedford, MA:

Hi Tarrah:
I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the candles I ordered from you. The scents are so wonderful and my husband and my soon to be three year old little guy love them as well! Thank you for making such a quality product and I will be ordering again as soon as your Christmas/Holiday/Winter scents are out (if not before then). I have always been a devoted YC customer but not anymore. P.S.: The bonus tart in the lemon cream donut was heavenly. Take care and have a great weekend.
Kathryn G

From Krista in Wilder, ID:

Dear Spotted Hog,
Again, you have me oinking with total satisfaction! This morning I hauled out one of your candles that had been stored for months. In just fifteen minutes, our very large upstairs was filled with mouth-watering, snout-filling Honey Graham Cracker Supreme! No other candle company's candles burn as efficiently as yours...no waste...and in hog heaven, this is important!
Thank you for your irresistible sales!
A happy candle hogger,
Krista K.

From Robbie in St Louis,Mo:

O Wow! My order was waiting when I got home from a trip last night.... The Vanillla Candle is divine! Everything you promised and more,the scent wafts through my entire house ...my husband just came up to the kitchen and asked if I were fixing pancakes?! hahaha ! The Bayberry crows are cute as can be and I have them in little bowl on the sideboard. Many thanks for such a high quality product...and for the sample tart, its huge!! You put Yankee to shame, Spotted Hog!! And Im telling the world :-) You are a candle lovers dream come true..... Just cant wait to order more and more goodies from you ,so thanks again!! xoxox Robbie Bishop St Louis,Mo.

From Kristen in Rolla, MO :

Hi Tarrah! I just wanted to let you know I received my order today. I couldn't wait to open the box. I opened every jar and smelled each candle. They all smell heavenly and the wax is so smooth! I'm burning the mulled apple cider right now. I've only been burning it for about 20 minutes and it is already starting to fill my living room with a wonderful aroma. I can't wait to try the others out as well. I've finally found a great candle company whose candles actually smell! You've got yourself another customer and you can be sure that I will be making future purchases from you. Thank you for a wonderful product and great customer service!!! Sincerely, Kristen

From Georgia in Galesburg,IL :

Hello, I have bought your candles before and have just placed another order. I have searched high and low for the best smelling candles and paid a fortune and I have ended my search with Thespottedhogcandle I have never ever bought candles that are so highly scented like yours. Not even Yankee can out beat what you have. I am so happy I found you on ebay. Thank you Georgia McLaughlin

From Nicole in Weirton,WV :

The Spotted Hog Candle Company is a definate candle find! I truly love this company. The candles are beautiful and smell heavenly. I especially love the merchantile jars and the label. I believe someone else on here said that when the candle is lit and the wax is at a certain level the hog on the label looks like it is "jumping over the moon". Absolutely adorable! The scents are wonderful also. I am a bakery scent fanatic and to die for. I especially love the Blueberry Flapjacks. If you love the scent of blueberry this is for you. If you love the scent of a pancake house...this is for you! I love how this blueberry smells so natural and not like a fake blueberry waxy scent. I also found the Granny's Pie Crust to be wonderful. The other fantastic thing about this company is that the customer service is SUPERB! Tarrah is so wonderful and she takes so much pride in her product. She is a TRUE candle lover and goes above and beyond to make sure the product she is distributing is nothing short of excellent. This is a company you can trust. Order and you wont be sorry!

From Shannon Simons in Orlando, FL :

This company has tempted me ever since I first discovered Candlefind! After months of self-restraint and even though I have plenty of "inventory", I succumbed and made an order, taking advantage of the free tart sale - Happy Valentine's Day to me! On impulse, I ordered three jar candles and some tarts - the scents are Mixed Berry Crumble, Blackberry Pie, Orange Chiffon Cake, Citrus Breeze, Hawaiian Breeze, Rosemary & Sage, Spice Cake and Spa. These are all true and lovely scents, with Spa being the real standout so far. Overall, I am very happy with these candles (clean, even burning and nice scent throw) and tarts (long lasting and excellent scent throw) and will definitely order from them again.

From Susan in PA :

I found this company online a few weeks ago and I am VERY IMPRESSED ! Great customer service .My package arrived quickly and the candles are just awesome ! I ordered the lemon cream , watermelon , and macintosh apple and maple syrup in the 18oz sizes and one candle really did fill my entire house with scent. (All 2000 square feet) They burned very clean and no smoke or tunnling what so ever. I love there labeling too. The label has a spotted pig that is jumping over a houses at night and has there company name under it.I thought it was neat that it glowed with the flame behind it. I guess I am a dork , but I just love little stuff like that . They also sent me free tarts in orange chiffon cake. They were super strong and the one I melted so far lasted way over 12 hours and it was super strong.I gave one tart to my mom and my brothers wife and they ended up ordering candles from them as well. They were also very pleased with the company. I will continue to order from them and tell all of my friends about this company. I will order again and again. The prices are great too and so was the customer service.

From Becky in Illinois :

purchased 2 of the jar candles in Granny's Pie Crust and Spice Cake. I couldn't wait to try these after reading the reviews. I LOVE the Granny's Pie Crust. The candles have double wicks, so the burn is wonderful. This one is very strong, smells just like the name I haven't burned the Spice Cake, but just by opening the jar, it smells wonderful also. I will definately purchase these candles again! The customer service was wonderful, and the shipping was very fast.

From Natalie in Philadelphia :

If you love great smelling candles look no further than The Spotted Hog Candle Company. Seriously...LOOK NO FURTHER! I have bought candles from many different places and never have I had the experience that I've had with these candles and the company themselves. First of all, the delivery time is impeccable. I received my candles in 3 days just as promised. I ordered Harvest in the smaller jar, Granny's Pie Crust in the larger jar and an assortment of tarts of which all the scents are to die for. But I must tell you the only way to describe how much and how great these candles smell is to tell you this story. I decided to burn one of my maple butter tarts in my dining room. Since the weather has been so nice all my house windows were open. I was babysitting my girlfriend’s baby. When she pulled up in my driveway, as she got out of her car I heard her say "Ummmm, what's that smell?" I asked her what she was talking about and she said, "it smells like your baking something." I told her it was just my maple butter tart! And that's just a tart folks! She could smell it all the way outside my house! A Tart! Words cannot even begin to describe. you just have to buy to see for yourself. I've already emailed all my friends and told them to stop buying from all those demonstration shows and buy from this company...you definitely get your monies worth. I will never buy from any other candle company again...The Spotted Hog is it for me! Trust me, you've got to try them.

From Danielle in PA :

I purchased 4 16oz candles, lemon cream, mixed berry crumble, and ginger fig and blackberry pie. I was thrilled with every one of them. I put the Ginger Fig in my bedroom and it is such a pleasant aroma to relax with, it fills my entire room and hallway. The blackberry pie, I have to say is now my absolute favorite candle ever!!!! It smells sooooo good and the throw is amazing, you can smell it through out my entire downstairs. Lemon cream and mixed berry crumble are also wonderful, it really does smell like your baking with these burning. I will definitely reorder from here again and again. They are without doubt the best candles I ever had.



From Dawn a Candlefind.com Member :

Wowee! These are another great "find" from this site. This is a great candle company. I ordered several of the smallest jar candles and they scent my entire living space! They do exactly what is stated on the site. Strong scent in my bedroom, subtle scent in the larger living area. All the candles are double wicked, and they burn amazingly clean and to the edge. The scent descriptions are right on. She has a great selection of bakery scents (which are my favorite!), and a decent selection of other scents as well. Shipping was quick and she used the flat rate USPS box so it was reasonable. The order was well packed and arrived in tact. I will order from them again and soon!

From Allison in Texas :

I ordered 4 candles from Spotted Hog. Egg Nog, Vanilla Cinnamon, Harvest and Orange Creme Cake. They come in really cute jelly jars with Raffia and cute labels. The scent throw is unbelievable from these candles! I brought the Egg Nog to work and it scented the entire office! From the front door to the back....and it is pretty big! The cinnamon vanilla and orange creme did the same at my house. They all smell great and seem to be burning smoothly. I will definitely purchase more. Oh and the customer service is FAST and FRIENDLY!!!!

From Henry in Texas :

This is the needle in the haystack. I've ordered numerous candles from numerous companies and this is by far the best. I ordered 5 double wick 16oz candles just to get a feel for the company. Ordering was simple and you get to pick your own color. I let them choose the color this time around. The candles arrived quickly, in a matter of days and we fired up the coconut and the scent throw was everything they said it would be. A nice change from our point of view. The candles have been burning evenly with no smoke what so ever. Great service and outstanding candles. I would be a mistake not to try this company out.

Just a few feedbacks from EBay Customers:

Awesome Candle! They certainly live up to your word! Will be back!

Thank you so much for such a WONDERFUL CANDLES!!!!!!!

Great Service. Great Candles. Thanks so much.

Thank you again!!!! Love your candles!!!!

people if you’re looking here about her candles -- they are great!!!!! B back !!!!

great communication, great product!! Thanks again! I will be back!

Thank you!!! Love your candles!!!!!!!!

Thank you! Great service. Appreciate doing business with you! Quick!

The butterscotch is just awesome!!!!!!!


Arrived quickly. Thanks so very much. Looking forward to your next eBay auction.

Just received the candles. They smell and look great. Thanks so much.

Fast shipping, great looking item, seller highly recommended A+++++++++

Love the candle--professional fast shipment--great communication! Thank you!!

fast delivery....great item...thanks

.I love the candle..thanks for the samples...I will buy from again Buyer

Excellent transaction; great communication; fast shipping; wonderful candles

Fantastic Seller!! I love these candles - I'll do business with again!!! A++++

This is an AAAA+ ebayer. Candles smell fantastic and arrived in only a few days!

Excellent tarts and fast shipping

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